Georgia Occupational Medicine
Now inside the Sparlin Health Care building.
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Inside the Sparlin Health Care Building
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We will match any published fee for identical services.  


DNA paternity testing simply means establishing fatherhood.  Everyone is born with a unique genetic blueprint known as DNA.  DNA identification provides a conclusive and definitive way to establish biological relationships.

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis,
Our Office Hours Are Temporarily:
Monday - Tuesday - Thursday
8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.
Walk-ins welcome for most services! 

Free parking. Easy access. Most services are available on a walk in basis. Average wait time for service, less than 15 minutes.

SERVICES INCLUDE:  DNA Paternity Testing,  Employment Exams,  Drug & Alcohol Screens.

There is no substitute for integrity!

Georgia Occupational Medicine is located inside the Sparlin Health Care Building at the corner of 923 Dill Avenue & Sylvan Road, Atlanta GA 30310. 

We offer fast service, qualified collectors, gold quality standard, secure collection site, private appointments are available, and we offer on-site screening for your company drug and alcohol collection needs.

(404) 756-1097

Georgia Occupational Medicine
(inside the Sparlin Health Care building)

923 Dill Ave SW Ste B
Atlanta GA 30310


Non-invasive, prenatal DNA paternity testing, using blood drawn from the mother's arm, with over 99% accuracy.

Appointment required.

Call for more information 404 756-1097.

DNA Paternity Testing
  Standard personal $235
  Standard legal       $320
  Prenatal from                             $1250 - $1650

  Extended family or non-standard testing - Please, call for pricing.

Payment plans available

*Call for details and additional services offered.

DNA answers . . .

Who is the baby's daddy?  Who is the birth father?

Protect your family -  insist on DNA testing for your peace of mind!